Random Acts of Kindness – The Power of One

One grain of sand

can turn the tide

one single spark can light the night

one simple dream

one gentle word

one act of love from someone

can start a change reaction

it all begins in the heart.

The power of one

The Power of One – Bomshel

As I was coming home from the gym this morning a song came on the radio, the song,    “The Power of One” by Bomshel. It made me think exactly how powerful the word “one” can be. As an educator, working with children and adults I know exactly how powerful one act of kindness can be. As minds and bodies grow, it’s abundantly clear that children require a healthy dose of the warm-and-fuzzies to thrive as healthy, happy, well-rounded individuals. Dr. O’Grady shares,

” Kindness changes the brain. Children and adolescents do not learn kindness by only thinking about it and talking about it. Kindness is best learned by feeling it so that they can reproduce it.”

 Acts of kindness help us form connections with others which are reported to be a strong factor in increasing happiness. When we feel good we produce endorphins. They activate areas of the brain that are associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust. Show children that we care about them and appreciate their contributions to our learning environment, and they will move mountains.

Children aren’t the only ones that benefit from these warm-fuzzies! Adults do too. As an Elementary Principal, I believe that when your staff feels appreciated they too will move mountains. I make an effort each week to highlight staff contributions in my Monday Memo. It’s like giving a shout out for all the positive things that had happened the week before. I also make sure to provide special treats for my staff. Whether it is for late night conferences or St. Valentines day, food makes them feel appreciated. Every quarter I offer a “freebie” teachers can sign up to have me cover their classroom for 20 minutes while they take an extra break during the day. As a former elementary teacher, the gift of time is priceless.

How do you teacher kindness to students and staff?

Random Acts of Kindness Teacher Challenge (link Below)



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